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"60 and Climbing"

Rediscovering my athletic side in my 60s has given me a new outlook on life.

“A Brief Assembly of Good Samaritans,” Newsweek

In the time it takes to dial 911, flames already lick out of the Plymouth's crushed body. "I'm on the 405 northbound, south of Seal Beach Boulevard,"

“A Girlfriend to the End,” Los Angeles Times Magazine

Jill Barad Is Trying to Make Mattel Less Dependent on the Doll It Introduced 40 Years Ago. In Her Heart, Though, No Toy Will Ever Compete With Barbie.

Boy Genius . . . Age 57

Larry Kramer Pushes the Cutoff Date for Being Labeled an 'Emerging Poet'

“Friends for Life,” Los Angeles Times

The Artisan Coterie, started in 1924 by 12 Manual Arts High students, became an extended family for its close-knit members.

“Pop Culture Icons,” Los Angeles Times Magazine

What Do an Olympic Gold Medalist, Soap Star, platinum rapper and Donny Osmond Have in Common? A Trip to the RaceTrack Yields a Few Clues.

“Roving Anthologist: Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Personal Assistant?” Los Angeles Times Magazine

IT'S LIKE A CIA CONVENTION, A 12-STEP PROGRAM and a revival meeting all in one room. Here in an airless, pie-shaped Holiday Inn suite overlooking the 405 Freeway, a capacity crowd has paid up to $59 a person for tonight's Learning Annex seminar: "Becoming a Celebrity Personal Assistant."

Binding Her Time,” Los Angeles Times Magazine

Even the soap opera writers couldn't pen it this weird: After her character was kidnapped, knocked unconscious and stuffed in a burlap bag, daytime drama star Carolee Campbell walked away from it all to make books.

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